‘Gangnam Style’ brought K-pop to the world, but haunted its cr...

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NASA astronauts recorded a parody, and a North Korean state propaganda site evoked the dance move to mock a South Korean politician.But for several years in the aftermath of all his viral fame, Psy said, the song’s success haunted him. But none of the attempts came close to replicating the formula that made “Gangnam Style” a global success.Psy was not alone in trying to figure out how to reproduce the phenomenon. Everything’s the same, but what was so special about that one song?” Psy said. “I still don’t know, to this day.”In global terms, Psy and his “Gangnam Style” are the epitome of a one-hit wonder. “For now, I’ll do what I do in my rightful place.”Jordan News
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Korea cooperation agency holds workshop for Jordan volunteers

AMMANاضافة اعلان— The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) Jordan Office held the “2022 Partners Workshop — World Friends Korea (WFK) Volunteer Program” to mark the resumption of the program and strengthen the partnership between KOICA and its partners in the Kingdom, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.Under the WFK program, KOICA mobilizes Korean volunteers from sectors including education, agriculture and fisheries, general health care, and sanitation, according to the agency’s website.The program aims to strengthen friendly ties between Korean and Jordan, and to enhance economic and social development in the Kingdom.The Jordan KOICA office has provided 439 volunteers since 2006 to support public institutions in Jordan. After the outbreak of COVID-19, KOICA volunteers were evacuated in April 2020, and only this summer did the WFK program finally resume.Three new volunteers were dispatched to Jordan in July 2022 in the fields of youth development and music education to the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Social Development, and the Ministry of Culture , respectively. The number of volunteers is expected to grow in the coming months, according to a KOICA statement released on Monday.The workshop included several sessions covering program updates, the volunteer enlistment process, and KOICA’s commitment to partner satisfaction. One session also focused on KOICA’s anti-corruption compliances and internal and global efforts to combat corruption, the statement added.During Thursday’s workshop, attended by the directors of host organizations and representatives from concerned ministries, Country Director of the KOICA Jordan Office Seo Dongsung expressed his gratitude to the agency’s partners for their cooperation and contribution to both the program’s success over the past 16 years and its resumption in July.He also praised new volunteers who have come to Jordan to share their knowledge and experience.The workshop concluded with a feedback session for KOICA’s partners, who voiced their questions, concerns, and opinions regarding the WFK Volunteer Program. KOICA responded to each question and pledged its commitment to assist Jordan, noting that it will work to ensure partners have a positive experience with KOICA volunteers.Jordan News

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North Korea launches more than 20 missiles

اضافة اعلان‘Vigilant Storm’‘Dangerous situation’SEOUL — North Korea fired more than 20 missiles Wednesday, including one that landed close to South Korea’s waters in what President Yoon Suk-yeol said was “effectively a territorial invasion”.It also fired an artillery barrage into a maritime “buffer zone” that experts said was part of an “aggressive and threatening” response by Pyongyang to large-scale joint air drills the US and South Korea are conducting.One short-range ballistic missile crossed the Northern Limit Line, the de facto maritime border, prompting a rare warning for residents on the island of Ulleungdo to seek shelter in bunkers.Seoul’s military said it was the “first time since the peninsula was divided” at the end of Korean War hostilities in 1953 that a North Korean missile had landed so close to the South’s territorial waters.“President Yoon pointed out today that North Korea’s provocation is an effective territorial invasion by a missile,” his office said in a statement.One of the missiles landed in waters just 57km east of the mainland, the military said, calling the incident “very rare and intolerable”.Pyongyang fired a total of 23 missiles including seven short-range ballistic missiles and six ground-to-air ones, Seoul’s military said.North Korea also conducted an artillery barrage, firing into a maritime “buffer-zone” set up in 2018 in a bid to reduce tensions between the two countries during an ill-fated bout of diplomacy.The huge volley of launches were “provocations against South Korea”, said Go Myong-hyun, a researcher at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies “I wouldn’t be surprised if they lead up to a nuclear test,” he added.South Korea, for its part, said it had fired three air-to-ground missiles into the sea towards the north of the two countries’ maritime boundary.President Yoon called a meeting of the National Security Council, ordering “swift and stern measures so that North Korea’s provocations pay a clear price”.South Korea closed some air routes over the East Sea, also known as the Sea of Japan, advising local airlines to detour to “ensure passenger safety in the routes to the US and Japan”.White House national security spokesman John Kirby slammed North Korea as “reckless” for carrying out the launches.“We ... condemn these missile launches and the DPRK’s ((Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) reckless decision to fire a missile below the de facto maritime boundary with the Republic of Korea,” Kirby said.European Council President Charles Michel said he was “outraged” by Pyongyang’s “aggressive and irresponsible behavior” and Russia called for calm.Pyongyang’s day of missile launches came as Seoul and Washington staged their largest-ever joint air drills, dubbed “Vigilant Storm”, which involved hundreds of warplanes from both sides.Pak Jong Chon, a high-ranking North Korean official, had earlier called the drills aggressive and provocative, according to a report in state media Wednesday.Pak said the name of the exercises harked back to Operation Desert Storm, the US-led military assault on Iraq in 1990–1991 after the invasion of Kuwait.“If the US and South Korea attempt to use armed forces against the DPRK without any fear, the special means of the DPRK’s armed forces will carry out their strategic mission without delay,” he said.“The US and South Korea will have to ... pay the most horrible price in history.”North Korea’s missile launches on Wednesday appeared to be “the most aggressive and threatening armed demonstration against the South since 2010”, Cheong Seong-chang, a researcher at the Sejong Institute, told AFP.“It is now a dangerous and unstable situation that could lead to armed conflict,” he added.In March 2010, a North Korean submarine torpedoed the South Korean naval vessel Cheonan, killing 46 sailors, including 16 who were on mandatory military service.In November of the same year, the North shelled a South Korean border island, killing two marines — both of them young conscripts.Wednesday’s missile tests follow a recent blitz of launches, including what the North said were tactical nuclear drills.Washington and Seoul have repeatedly warned the launches could culminate in another nuclear test — which would be Pyongyang ’s seventh.“Pyongyang seems to have completed its most powerful deterrent. This is a serious threat,” Park Won-gon, a professor at Ewha University, told AFP.Jordan News

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South Korea police admit crowd surge response was ‘insufficien...

اضافة اعلانEasy to preventSEOUL — South Korean police admitted Tuesday their emergency response to a deadly Halloween crush had been “insufficient”, with top officials saying crowd management failures had likely contributed to the disaster.At least 156 mostly young people were killed, and scores more injured, in a deadly crowd surge late Saturday at the first post-pandemic Halloween party in Seoul ’s popular Itaewon nightlife district.An estimated 100,000 people had flocked to the area, but because it was not an “official” event with a designated organizer, neither the police nor local authorities were actively managing the crowd.“There were multiple reports to the police indicating the seriousness at the site just before the accident occurred,” national police chief Yoon Hee-keun said.Police knew “a large crowd had gathered even before the accident occurred, urgently indicating the danger,” he said, acknowledging the way this information was handled had been “insufficient”.Transcripts of emergency calls reported by South Korean news agency News1 documented how desperate members of the public had flagged dangerous overcrowding hours before disaster struck at around 10pm local time Saturday.At 8:09pm one caller told police: “There are too many people here being pushed, trampled, hurt. It’s chaotic. You need to control this.”Seoul’s interior minister, who had been criticized for earlier comments in which he claimed deploying more police would not have prevented the crush, apologized Tuesday for the disaster. Lee Sang -min expressed his “sincere apologies to the public as the minister in charge of the people’s safety for this accident”, before bowing his head before lawmakers and cameras.He promised to investigate what had caused the crowd crush and to ensure a disaster of this scale could never happen again.Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon also made a public apology, weeping as he said he felt “infinitely responsible for this accident”.Prime Minister Han Duck-soo said Tuesday that a lack of a proper crowd management system may have caused the incident, adding that a full review was ongoing.No crowd controlSouth Korea is typically strong on crowd control, with protest rallies often so heavily policed that officers can outnumber participants.But police deployed only 137 officers to Itaewon for Halloween , while 6,500 officers were present at a protest across town attended by about 25,000 people, local reports said.South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol said Tuesday the country needed to urgently improve its system for managing large crowds in the wake of the disaster.“The safety of the people is important, whether or not there is an event organizer,” he told a cabinet meeting.He called for the country to develop “cutting-edge digital capabilities” to improve crowd management — but critics claim such tools already exist and were not deployed in Itaewon.Seoul’s City Hall has a real-time monitoring system that uses mobile phone data to predict crowd size, but it was not employed Saturday night, local media reported.Itaewon’s district authorities also did not deploy any safety patrols, with officials saying the Halloween event was considered “a phenomenon” rather than “a festival”, which would have required an official plan for crowd control.On the night, tens of thousands of people thronged a narrow alleyway, with eyewitnesses describing how, with no police or crowd control in sight, confused partygoers pushed and shoved, crushing those trapped in the lane.Crowd management experts told AFP that the disaster was easily avoidable, even with only a small number of police officers.“Good, safe crowd management is not about the ratio, but about the crowd strategy — for safe crowd capacity, flow, density,” said G. Keith Still, a crowd science professor at the University of Suffolk.South Korean expert Lee Young-ju said that if local police knew they would be short-handed, they could have sought help from local authorities or even residents or shop owners.“It’s not just the numbers,” Lee, a professor from the Department of Fire and Disaster at the University of Seoul, told AFP.“The question is, how did they manage with the limited number (of police) and what kind of measures did they take to make up for it.” Read more Region and WorldJordan News

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N. Korea launches ballistic missiles as US-S. Korea air drills...

اضافة اعلان‘Significant threat’SEOUL — North Korea fired four ballistic missiles on Saturday, the South Korean military said — the latest in Pyongyang’s testing blitz this week as Washington and Seoul concluded their biggest-ever air force drills.The flurry of North Korean launches has included an intercontinental ballistic missile and one that landed near the South’s territorial waters. South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol has called the barrage “effectively a territorial invasion”.The launches came as hundreds of US and South Korean warplanes — including B-1B heavy bombers — participated in the Vigilant Storm exercise, which Pyongyang described as “aggressive and provocative”.“The South Korean military detected four short-range ballistic missiles launched by North Korea from Tongrim, North Pyongan Province, to the West Sea at around 11:32am to 11:59am today,” South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said in a statement Saturday, using another name for the Yellow Sea.Their “flight distance was detected at about 130km, an altitude of about 20km, and a speed of about Mach 5”, they added. Mach 5 is equivalent to five times the speed of sound.The US and South Korea have warned that these launches could culminate in a nuclear test by North Korea, and extended their air force drills in response by a day, until Saturday.Pyongyang ramped up missile launches in response to the drills. Such exercises have long provoked strong reactions from North Korea, which sees them as rehearsals for an invasion.Vigilant Storm concluded with the US Air Force deploying two B-1B long-range heavy bombers on the final day in a ramped-up show of force.This was the first time B-1Bs have flown to the Korean peninsula since December 2017.The South Korean JCS said the move demonstrated the “capability and readiness to firmly respond to any provocations from North Korea”.Pyongyang has especially condemned past deployments of US strategic weapons such as B-1Bs and aircraft carrier strike groups in times of high tension.While the supersonic B-1B “Lancer” aircraft no longer carries nuclear weapons, it is described by the US Air Force as “the backbone of America’s long-range bomber force”.The USAF lists the Lancer’s weapons payload as 34 tonnes, which can include cruise missiles and laser-guided bombs.The B-1B’s range can be extended by in-air refueling, giving it the ability to strike anywhere in the world.Ahn Chan-il, a North Korean studies scholar, told AFP that given the B-1B’s status as a strategic US asset, its deployment will be seen as a “significant threat” by North Korea.On Friday, South Korea scrambled fighter jets in response to what it said was the mobilization of around 180 North Korean warplanes.Experts say Pyongyang is particularly sensitive about these drills because its air force is one of the weakest links in its military, which lacks high-tech jets and properly trained pilots.Compared with North Korea’s ageing fleet, Vigilant Storm has seen some of the most advanced US and South Korean warplanes in action, including F-35 stealth fighters.The EU on Saturday slammed the North’s missile launches as “a dangerous escalation” and called for a global “resolute and united response”, including the full weight of UN sanctions.At the United Nations Security Council on Friday, US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield dismissed criticism of Vigilant Storm as North Korean “propaganda”, saying it posed no threat to other countries.She assailed China and Russia during the emergency session, accusing them of having “enabled” North Korea.Moscow and Beijing have in turn blamed Washington for the escalation, and the meeting ended without a joint statement from the full council.Jordan News

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N. Korea vows ‘overwhelming’ response to US-South Korea war ga...

اضافة اعلانWeak air forceSEOUL — The North Korean military said its response to US-South Korean war drills would be “resolute and overwhelming”, state media reported Monday.The warning came after a spate of North Korean weapons tests last week — including an intercontinental ballistic missile — as the US and South Korea conducted their biggest-ever air force exercise.The US and South Korea have warned that such missile launches could culminate in a nuclear test by North Korea.The North Korean military, formally known as the Korean People’s Army (KPA) , said it was responding to Vigilant Storm — the US-South Korean exercise — describing it as “an open provocation”, according to the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).Vigilant Storm was “aimed at intentionally escalating the tension in the region and a dangerous war drill of very high aggressive nature directly targeting” North Korea, the KPA said.North Korea will respond to all “anti-DPRK war drills” with “sustained, resolute and overwhelming” measures, it said.The US has dismissed criticism of the exercise as North Korean propaganda, saying it posed no threat to other nations.The KPA said it conducted operations, including the launch of tactical ballistic missiles that simulated attacks on air force bases, and practiced shooting down enemy aircraft.One ballistic missile was launched to test “a special functional warhead paralyzing the operation command system of the enemy”, the KPA said, without providing any further details about that weapon.The North Korean air force also conducted a “large-scale all-out combat sortie operation”, involving 500 planes, according to KCNA.That mobilization prompted South Korea to scramble fighter jets on Friday.Images of North Korean military operations released on Monday by KCNA showed missiles being fired from various undisclosed locations, including some from mobile launchers.Experts say Pyongyang is particularly sensitive about drills such as Vigilant Storm because its air force is one of the weakest links in its military, lacking high-tech jets and properly trained pilots.The details of North Korea’s operations last week indicate the importance it places on destroying air bases in the South, said Cheong Seong-chang , a researcher at the Sejong Institute in Seoul.“North Korea considers it important to strike and neutralize air bases first because their air power is weak,” Cheong told AFP.Compared with North Korea’s ageing fleet, Vigilant Storm saw some of the most advanced US and South Korean warplanes in action, including F-35 stealth fighters.The exercise was meant to run from Monday to Friday last week, but Washington and Seoul extended it by a day in response to the flurry of North Korean missile launches.US-South Korea joint drills have long sparked strong reactions from North Korea, which sees them as rehearsals for an invasion.Pyongyang has especially condemned past deployments of US strategic weapons such as long-range bombers and aircraft carrier strike groups.Jordan News

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More than 150 killed in Halloween stampede in Seoul

اضافة اعلان‘Unprecedentedly large’‘Oh my God’SEOUL — More than 150 people have been killed in a stampede at a Halloween event in Seoul, officials said Sunday, with South Korea ’s president vowing a thorough investigation into one of the country’s worst-ever disasters.The crowd surge and crush took place in the capital’s popular central Itaewon district, where estimates suggest as many as 100,000 people — mostly in their teens and 20s — went to celebrate Halloween Saturday night, clogging the area’s narrow alleyways and winding streets.President Yoon Suk-yeol declared a period of national mourning Sunday, telling the country in a televised address that “a tragedy and disaster occurred that should not have happened”.He said the government “will thoroughly investigate the cause of the incident and make fundamental improvements to ensure the same accident does not occur again”.Witnesses described being trapped in a narrow, sloping alleyway, and scrambling to get out of the suffocating crowd as people piled on top of one another.“There were so many people just being pushed around and I got caught in the crowd and I couldn’t get out at first,” 30-year-old Jeon Ga-eul told AFP.The interior ministry said 153 people had died, including 20 foreigners, in the stampede, which occurred around 10pm local time.Most of the victims were young women in their 20s, it said, adding that 133 people were injured.An official from the defense ministry said three military personnel were among the dead.Authorities also said they had received more than 2,600 reports of people missing.Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, who rushed back to South Korea from a work trip in Europe, said his office would set up a memorial altar so the public could pay their respects to the victims, starting Monday morning.“Most of the casualties are young people like our sons and daughters, which makes it even more sad,” Oh said while visiting the site of the disaster.Officials said Sunday they had no clear idea of what caused the crush, while witnesses described scenes of chaos after a vast crowd panicked in the narrow alleyway.Local shopkeepers told AFP the number of people at the annual celebration was “unprecedentedly large” this year — the first public event to be held without COVID-19 restrictions since the pandemic began.As questions began to emerge over a lack of security at the event, interior minister Lee Sang-min told a briefing that the police force had been preoccupied on the other side of town.“A considerable number had been deployed at Gwanghwamun where a large crowd was expected for a protest,” he said.Police had also not expected such a large crowd at the Halloween event, he added.Paramedics at the scene, quickly overwhelmed by the number of victims, were asking passers-by to administer first aid.In an interview with local broadcaster YTN, Lee Beom-suk, a doctor at the event, described the chaos.“So many victims’ faces were pale. I could not catch their pulse or breathing and many of them had a bloody nose. When I tried CPR, I also drew blood out of their mouths.”Photos captured by AFP showed scores of bodies on the pavement covered by bed sheets, and emergency workers loading more bodies on stretchers into ambulances.Twitter user @janelles_story shared a video that she said showed Itaewon shortly before the stampede in which hundreds of young people, many in elaborate Halloween costumes, are seen in a narrow street lined with bars and cafes.The crowd appears in good spirits at first, but then a commotion begins and people start being pushed into one another. Screams and gasps are heard and a female voice cries out in English “Shit, shit!” followed by “Oh my God, oh my God!”The interior ministry said the 20 foreigners killed included people from the US, Uzbekistan, Austria, Norway, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Iran, and Sri Lanka.The US embassy in Seoul confirmed that two US nationals had died. Russia said three of its citizens were killed.China also confirmed that four of its nationals had died, with President Xi Jinping sending “deep condolences” to Seoul.President Joe Biden said the US “stands with” South Korea after the tragedy, while Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said he was “hugely shocked and deeply saddened”.Jordan News

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